Tips and tricks for using your BT TV box

Become a BT TV expert by following these handy tips that will help you get the most out of your TV box and remote control.

With so many features in the BT TV box, there are lots of extra tricks that you can use to find the TV you want or speed up the way you move around its menus. Here are some of our favourites.

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Tip 1: The Search, Back, Close and i buttons

To search across all players, apps and live TV, simply press the Search button on your remote or select the search icon to the right of Guide.

To move back a step in the BT TV menus hit the Back button.

The Close button always takes you out of the menus and back to live TV.

 The 'i' button shows information about the show you're currently watching.

Use the BT TV app to view content across all your devices

Tip 2: Use the BT TV app

There should be a word for the frustration of finding out you've forgotten to record a programme you won't be at home to watch. If there were, BT TV viewers wouldn't need to use it anyway - with BT TV you can set up a recording from anywhere with the BT TV app.

You can also watch subscription channels in the UK and in EU countries (roaming charges may apply outside the UK). If you’ve bought or rented films or TV box sets at, you can download them to watch offline.

The app is free to all customers, and is available on iOS and Android, or through your web browser at You can use it on up to two devices as part of your BT TV subscription.

BT App Extra upgrades the app for a monthly subscription, allowing you to use it on up to four devices, and to download and play catch-up TV from BT TV subscription channels as well as your rentals and purchases.

You can also use BT App Extra to cast from your phone to large screens, using Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

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Tip 3: Skip forward or back in the guide by a day

When navigating the TV guide, you can use the fast forward and rewind buttons on your remote to jump forwards or backwards by a day. If you want to quickly return to see what's on right now, just press the Green button.

You can also move up or down in the guide by a page of programming at a time using the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons. These shortcuts are a great way to speed up navigating the guide.

The BT TV guide in 2018

Tip 4: Hide unwanted channels from the guide

No-one wants to watch all of the channels in the TV Guide, and with BT TV you can hide what you don't watch.

Press the Guide and then press the Yellow button to Edit Channels. Scroll up or down to the channel you would like to hide and press OK. A cross will appear next to the channel name, then select Done to apply the change. You can select more than one if you want to hide several channels.

Once channels are hidden, you will no longer be able to select them using the channel up and down buttons or by entering the channel number, and they will not be visible in the programme guide. You can add them back at any time by going back in to Edit Channels.

Tip 5: Use your BT TV remote to control your TV

You can set up your BT TV remote to control your TV as well as the BT TV box, so can change the volume and switch it on and off without using two remotes.

Go to and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your remote to work with your TV.

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