Secrets of the BT Tower: The role the tower plays in UK communications

Curious about what the BT Tower does? Find out more by watching our video….

Since the 1960s the BT Tower (formerly the Post Office Tower) has been one of the most famous buildings in the UK. It was originally built as part of the UK’s microwave network, to send microwave signals from London to the rest of the UK. Today it’s still a crucial hub for communications.

We were given exclusive access to the BT Tower to find out more about the past, present and future of this iconic building. In this episode of ‘Secrets of the BT Tower’ you can find out what the Tower does today.

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At the top of the BT Tower, wrapped around the 36th and 37th floors is an information band, which carries messages from the launch of the London 2012 Olympic Games to the Queen’s first tweet to launch the opening of Information Age at the Science Museum , as well as announcing the birth of Prince George.

The Queen herself visited the tower in May 1966, taking tea in the 34th floor restaurant, which along with the viewing platform provided a glimpse of London many people had never seen – from three times higher than Nelson’s Column.

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Credit: BT Archives

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