The rising threat from cyber crime and attacks on corporate, government and domestic computer systems by terrorists, hackers and online gangs has led to the creation of the UK’s first centre dedicated to securing IT and combating cyber criminals – the NCSC.

What is the NCSC?

NCSC stands for National Cyber Security Centre and was an organisation set up to protect critical services from cyber attacks. It is part of GCHQ and replaces its information security arm, CESG (the Communications-Electronics Security Group).

When was the NCSC established?

The NCSC has been operating since October 2016, and its headquarters in Victoria, London, were officially opened by the Queen in February 2017. Its chief executive is Ciaran Martin, who joined GCHQ in February 2014 from the Cabinet Office.

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What is the purpose of the NCSC?

The centre works to improve the underlying security of the internet in the UK and collaborates with government, law enforcement, defence and businesses, offering cyber incident management and security advice.

The NCSC has four key goals

  • Understanding cyber security by sharing knowledge and addressing systemic vulnerabilities;
  • Reducing risks to the UK by securing organisations’ networks;
  • Responding to cyber security incidents, and providing leadership on critical issues;
  • Harnessing talent and technology.

With cyber crime continuing to rise, the NCSC is viewed as a key component in the government’s drive to strengthen cyber security across the country.

You can find out more about the NCSC and its goals and practices at the NCSC website.

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