Jeff Bezos is best known for founding online retailer Amazon, but he’s also dabbling in space exploration, and owns one of the biggest newspapers in America.

How does he manage all this? How did he start the world’s largest shopping retailer? And how much money is he worth? Find out here.

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Who is Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of Amazon, the world’s biggest online shopping site. He still serves as the company’s chairman and chief executive, though he wears many other hats as well.

What does Jeff Bezos do?

As well as heading up Amazon, Bezos is an investor, computer scientist and philanthropist. His other business interests include Blue Origin (a private company vying to be the first to take tourists to space), and The Washington Post newspaper, which he bought in 2013.

Is Jeff Bezos the world’s richest person?

Not at the moment, though he has been. When the markets opened on July 27, 2017, Bezos briefly overtook Microsoft founder Bill Gates - courtesy of a spike in Amazon's share price - to take the title of world’s richest person. Unfortunately he only held the title for a few hours, as later that day Amazon’s stock dropped, and Bezos fell back into second place.

What is Jeff Bezos’ net worth?

Bezos is estimated to be worth $89 billion (£68 billion).

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How did Jeff Bezos build Amazon?

Bezos thought of the idea for Amazon in 1994 while driving cross-country from New York to Seattle, and left his well-paid job at a New York City hedge fund in order to work on it full-time. Started in his garage, the site originally sold only books, but soon expanded to include homewares, electrical goods, games, and pretty much anything else you can buy.

What is Jeff Bezos’ leadership style?

Bezos is a notorious micro-manager and has been known to forward emails to employees after adding just a question mark. This apparently provokes feelings of panic in employees, as it means they have just a few hours to solve the problem and present the solution to Bezos.

Bezos also reads lots of customer comments, and isn’t shy about forwarding them to the relevant Amazon employee. His email address is even publicly known – it’s, if you want to let him know your opinions of the company.

He also has a list of 14 leadership principles. These demand ‘customer obsession’, ‘frugality’, being ‘vocally self-critical’ and being ‘obligated to respectfully challenge decisions’. Every Amazon employee is also referred to as an Amazon leader.

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