Tablets are hugely popular with people of all ages and they’re more affordable than ever.

As tablet choice has increased, there’s been a boom in useful accessories, with headphones, stands, photography gadgets, cases and keyboards all proving popular.

Some accessories, however, are less useful, with the available add-ons ranging from the fun-but-useless to the what-on-earth…?

Here’s our pick of the weirdest tablet accessories.


CTA Digital 2-in-1 Potty with Activity Seat for iPad

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Potty with Activity Seat for iPad

Price: £30

Website: CTA Digital

If you’ve done a double take when you saw this photograph, you are not the only one. This child’s potty really does include a built-in stand that can hold an iPad.

Luckily it’s easy to clean! The potty bowl and seat are removable and it even includes a touchscreen protector to ensure your expensive Apple tablet doesn’t get splashed.

Here at, we can appreciate the value of tablets in helping kids learn. But this is a step too far. Surely young children - it’s aimed at 18 months to 3 years – should be allowed to toilet train in peace?


Paper Towel Holder with Gooseneck stand

Paper Towel Holder with Gooseneck stand

Price: TBC

Website: CTA Digital

If you thought the humble paper towel holder didn’t need updating, you obviously haven’t clapped eyes on this gadget - a kitchen towel holder that’s also an iPad stand.

On the plus side, it’s certainly portable and it makes it easy to turn the tablet to get the perfect viewing angle when following a recipe.

But in our opinion, it looks odd and you’ll have to remove the iPad every time you need to refill the roll. We’d also be a little concerned about young children pulling for a towel and the tablet crashing to the floor.


Car Windshield Suction Mount

Car Windshield Suction Mount

Price: £10-£30

Website: Various

There are some excellent GPS apps, so we can understand why you’d want to attach a smartphone to a car windscreen, but a tablet? Not only would it take up a large proportion of the windscreen, but buy a cheap mount that uses plastic and there’s a real danger your tablet would soon come crashing down onto your dashboard.


The Power Tap

The Power Tap

Price: £20

Website:  Firebox

When is a plug not a plug? When it’s a Power Tap. Plug this gadget into a power socket; pop the other end of its cable into your phone or tablet, give the tap a twist and your device will start charging.

As a helpful reminder, the tap will glow blue while charging and red while in standby mode.

While we really like the look of The Power Tap, and it can charge any USB device, it’s essentially just a glorified plug. Fun for some, no doubt, for £20.


Syte Shirt

Syte Shirt

Price:  $49.95 (£30)

Website: Syte Shirt

If the thought of being parted from your iPad scares you, the Syte Shirt is for you.

Built into the front of what is, after all, a T-shirt, is a water-resistant pouch that can hold a seven- or 10-inch tablet. The idea is the tablet faces out, so you can continue to use it by tapping the vinyl screen. The shirt also includes internal holes for headphone and charging cables.

The Syte Shirt certainly lets you carry your tablet close, but as well as making you look remarkably like a Teletubby, surely advertising the fact you are carrying an expensive tablet is somewhat ill-advised?


Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board with iPad holder

Price: $35 (£21, plus shipping)

Website: CTA Digital

iPads in the kitchen have uses. You can listen to internet radio, follow recipes and even watch TV while cooking.

But integrating an iPad stand into a chopping board, with an integrated knife holder, is pretty pointless. You’ve got to be chopping a lot of vegetables to get use from it, and it doesn’t seem particularly hygienic.

It’ll set you back well over £20, so why not buy a regular chopping board and a conventional iPad stand (for around £10), which you can then use in every room?