Technology is transforming the way we cook and AEG’s latest oven brings a cooking technique you may have heard of – sous vide - into the home.

At Grand Designs Live we had a peek at AEG’s ProCombi SousVide Oven - a multifunction steam oven, with a dedicated sous vide mode, demonstrated by Masterchef champion Tim Anderson.

Anderson won Masterchef in 2011 with a combination of Japanese-inspired dishes and a strong interest in food science, including the sous-vide technique.

Check out the video to find out more.

Sous vide is French for ‘under vacuum’, and the technique involves sealing food in plastic bags and cooking it in a water bath or using steam.

The sous vide technique has many advantages. It allows chefs to control to a degree the exact temperature food is cooked, which is useful for cuts of meat and fish where even a few degrees can make a huge difference to the cooking time.

It cooks food evenly and there’s no chance of it being burnt or drying out. Because the food is vacuum sealed it retains moisture and there’s no loss of flavour or nutrients, making it a tasty and healthy method of cooking.

AEG ProCombi SousVide

There are two steps to the sous vide cooking process: first, food is sealed in the AEG ProCombi SousVide Oven’s vacuum sealed drawer, before it is steamed in temperatures ranging from 54C to 80C.

Anderson believes sous vide is an incredibly easy way of cooking and is pleased that technology previously only available to professional chefs is becoming available to home cooks.

“We’re starting to see technology being used in professional kitchens entering the home. Which is great – why shouldn’t it?” he asks.

“If you want to get professional, high quality and consistent results you are going to need a technology like sous vide in your home kitchen. It’s a long time coming, but it’s going to make things easier and better for everyone.”

Food is first sealed in the AEG ProCombi SousVide Oven’s vacuum sealed drawer, before being steamed in temperatures ranging from 54-80 degrees. It has all the functions of a conventional oven – so it can grill, roast and bake,

The AEG ProCombi SousVide Oven costs £1,400 and the AEG VacSealer £1,600, both are available in June.

Anderson also shared his thoughts on the current series of Masterchef, and who he though might succeed him as Britain’s top amateur chef – watch the video above to find out more.