Archos has unveiled its Smart Home range, a selection of affordable, wireless products which let you control and monitor your home remotely using a tablet or smartphone.

Central to the system is the Archos Smart Home tablet. It looks like a conventional seven-inch Android tablet but connects wirelessly with up to 30 devices from the Archos Smart Home range using Bluetooth LE - low-energy Bluetooth.

Pre-installed on the tablet is the Archos Home App, which is set to be available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This functions as a gateway to controlling devices with the range.

The Archos mini cam is a tiny camera that captures pictures and video day or night, and includes a microphone, 2GB memory card, microphone and speaker, while the Archos motion ball detects motion day or night. Both are fully waterproof, rotate 360 degrees and work both inside and out of the house.

Using the Archos Smart Home tablet you can set scenarios to suit your lifestyle.

You may want to set the mini cam to activate from 9am to 5pm every day so you can monitor your property by viewing photos and video from the camera via the app.

Alternatively you can programme the motion ball to switch itself on while you are at work. If the sensor is triggered and the alarm is activated, you’ll receive a notification.

Other accessories within the smart home include the Weather Tag, which provides information on temperature changes, and Smart Plug which lets you turn devices on and off remotely.

The Archos Gateway, mini cam and motion ball will be available in June in a starter pack, priced £149. The other devices are priced individually from £20 to £30.