Tablet computers are designed for entertainment – for exploring the web, reading books and playing games. They’re also great for listening to music while you do those things, with most tablets having built-in audio players.

The Kindle Fire is no exception and if you’ve recently bought or been given one of Amazon’s new tablets then you might be wondering how to put new or an existing library of digital music on to your device.

The process isn’t at all difficult but there are a couple of ways to go about it – and we’ll explore both in this guide.

Step 1: Buy new music from Amazon

Step 1: Buy new music from Amazon

This, of course, is what Amazon would dearly like you to do – and it’s certainly a quick and easy way to get new music onto your Kindle Fire.

From the Home screen and tap the Music label at the top. If you don’t already have music installed then Amazon Music Store will be displayed right away. Otherwise, tap the Menu button at the top left (three stacked lines) and then tap Music Store.

Hear previews of tracks by tapping the Play button (a triangle in a circle) next to their titles or buy one by tapping the orange price label followed by the green BUY button and follow the prompts.

Step 2: Transfer digital audio files from your PC or Mac

Step 2: Transfer digital audio files - locating music on your PC

The Kindle Fire supports a number of digital audio file formats, including the popular MP3 type – so if you have an existing digital music library stored as MP3 files then it is easy to transfer them your tablet. (If you have CDs that you’d like to put on your Kindle Fire and need to know how to turn them into MP3s, read Step 3.)

First, use the supplied USB cable to connect the Kindle Fire to your computer and wait a moment for it to be detected.

In Windows, hold down the Windows key and tap E to launch Windows Explorer (XP/Vista/7) or File Explorer (Windows 8) and use this to navigate to the Music folder on the Kindle Fire. Mac users should use Finder to do the same thing.

Now simply drag and drop the MP3 files across to the Kindle Fire’s Music folder. Note that if your MP3 files are organised into folders sorted by album name and artist – as is likely – then just drag the folders across.

When you next launch the Music app on the Kindle Fire, your tracks will appear. Now skip to Step 4.

Step 3: Turn your CDs into MP3s

Step 3: Turn your CDs into MP3s

If your digital music collection is still on compact discs (CDs), then don’t worry – it’s easy enough to turn these into MP3 files that the Kindle Fire will play.

Just use a program that is able to ‘rip’ CDs to MP3 format – Windows Media Player or iTunes will do the job on a Windows PC, and on Apple Mac computers, use iTunes.

In Windows Media Player, click the Rip CD (or click ‘Rip settings’ for more control); in iTunes click Edit followed by Preferences and then choose Import CDs (or ‘Import CDs and Eject’) from the When you insert a CD menu.

Step 4: Take to the cloud

Step 4: Take to the cloud - Amazon Cloud Player

An alternative way to get an existing digital-music collection stored on a computer to play on your Kindle Fire is to make use of Amazon’s Cloud Player tool, which is free with an Amazon account and enables you to store music in the cloud, rather than your tablet.

From your computer, visit the Cloud Player website and sign in using your Amazon credentials. Click the Import your music button and, when prompted, download and install the Amazon Music Importer program.

Step 5: Let Cloud Player import your music

Step 5: Let Cloud Player import your music

With the Amazon Music Importer tool installed, the next time you click Import your music on the Cloud Player website, this dialogue box will appear.

Click Browse manually to select specific tracks to import or click Start scan to have the tool scan your entire computer. Then click either the Import all or Import selected buttons to transfer all or some of your collection to Cloud Player.

Finally, on your Kindle Fire, tap Music followed by Cloud and there you’ll find your tunes.