Drying your hair, cutting the lawn and even making a simple cup of tea could all take a lot longer under new European Union (EU) regulations.

That’s because the EU is planning a ban on high-powered devices like hair dryers, lawn mowers and kettles in a bid to become more eco-friendly. The ban will also extend to smartphones and wi-fi routers.

This follows the EU’s ban on high-powered vacuum cleaners which comes into force on Monday.

Hair dryers could be reduced in power by as much as 30%, according to the study, which is still in draft form. Current EU legislation covers bigger devices and appliances like TVs, washing machines, fridges and vacuum cleaners, but not smaller ones.

According to Gunther Oettinger, the German EU energy commissioner, this legislation is necessary to combat climate change.

Other devices included in the study include lifts, escalators and moving walkways, greenhouses, hand dryers, handheld power tools, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, patio heaters, sound amplifiers, and video projectors.

Groups opposed to the legislation – hairdressers, for example – claim that it won’t save energy, as blow-drying hair will just take a lot longer than it currently does.

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