Paul McCartney and Bang & Olufsen team up for live web chat

Danish audio specialist to launch series of online chats designed to bring artists closer to their fans.
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    Hannah Bouckley
    Last updated: 04 October 2013, 12:30 BST

    Beatles fans will have the chance to put their questions to Paul McCartney as he takes part in a live web chat to celebrate the launch his of new album.

    Simply called NEW, the Beatle’s first album in six years features collaborations with a host of British producers, including Mark Ronson, Elthan Johns, Paul Epworth and Giles Martin.

    McCartney is the first artist to take part in ‘The Living Room Tour’, a series of online chats where musicians will talk about their music inspiration and passions.

    If you’ve got a question for Paul McCartney, head over to, alternatively Twitter users can use the hashtag #askmccartney. McCartney will be chatting online at 2pm on October 15.

    Bang & Olufsen is set to release some new wireless speakers at the end of October, incorporating Immaculate Wireless Sound - a wireless platform designed for uncompressed audio.

    NEW is on sale from October 14.

    Hannah Bouckley
    Last updated: 04 October 2013, 12:30 BST

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