A technology startup is building cameras into safety glasses so that supervisors can keep track of workers on the job.

XOEye Technologies says they can stream live video for 45 minutes over wifi before they need a recharge.

The wearer can talk to and hear whoever is watching the video. In effect, the glasses provide a way for an expert or supervisor to look over the shoulder of a worker and walk them through repairs.

Conversely, an expert could wear the glasses and walk the viewer through a process.

At XOEye's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, a screen showed high-quality eye-perspective video from an employee at the company's office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, working on an electrical box.

"You've got all these industries where you're wearing safety glasses anyway," said Anthony Blanco, head of business development. "Basically, this lets them operate more efficiently."

The gadget's battery life is too short for all-day video streaming, but the glasses can be set to snap photos every 30 seconds instead, which extends the battery's limit.

That could give employers a way to track workers all day, like an eye-level security camera. Mr Blanco said he sees potential to cut down on workers compensation fraud.

"Let's say you have a guy who says he injured his back in a fall from a ladder on a Friday," he said. "You could check the photos and see that no, you got injured in a softball game over the weekend."