Dog owners can keep track of their pooch’s movements 24-hours a day thanks to a new fitness tracker.

By tracking physical activity and rest via a built-in accelerometer, FitBark is designed to give dog owners an insight into their pet’s behaviour.

Shaped like a bone, the gizmo is fully waterproof. And because it is designed to be worn on a collar, it’s suitable for any size dog.

Information is sent wirelessly from the tracker via low-energy Bluetooth to an app available for Android or Apple smartphones.

FitBark activity tracker

The app generates an activity report, so dog owners can keep track of behaviour remotely – even from another country. A pulsating line indicates if he/she is stationary or active.

By monitoring activities, dog owners can understand more about their pet’s behaviour. For example, if their four-legged friend is sleeping more than usual, they could be ill. Or if they are on the chubby side, it’s a good way of monitoring how much exercise they are doing.

The app delivers real-time updates and features a journal, to-do lists and a family messenger.

FitBark is set to launch within the next few weeks. There’s no news on UK pricing, but the US version is $99 (£59).