A free app uses augmented reality to turn your entire windscreen into a sat nav, providing a safe way to follow directions.

Hudway is a ‘Heads-Up Display’ (HUD) mobile application.  Instead of positioning your phone adjacent to the steering wheel, it sits on the dashboard. 

When HUD mode is selected it projects the road, along with information such as speed and distance to the next turn on the windscreen. No extra equipment is needed.

Check out the video above to find out more.

The app offers several safety advantages, according to Hudway’s Russian developers. Directions are easier to follow in low-visibility conditions and the navigation integrates more naturally into your drive, so drivers can focus on the road and keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Routes can be downloaded prior to a journey, enabling Hudway to be used offline, without an internet connection – which is very useful in remote areas.

Hudway is available as a free download for Apple devices, with an Android version expected to launch in February. (via Digital Trends)