A working hoverbike is on sale now via crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. There’s only one catch – it’s only a third of the size of a full-size motorbike.

If you pledge support, your money will go towards funding a full-size version that you could – theoretically – use for commuting.


It’s powered by four motors and four propellers.

The metallic chap you see piloting it in the top photo is a 3D-printed robot called Cyborg Buster. The team behind the Hoverbike send you the blueprints for Cyborg Buster, so you can print him out and have him sit atop your own flying bike.

As well as being great fun to fly, the team reckon it could be used to aid mountain rescue. A GoPro camera can be fitted to it easily, so it could be sent into situations and environments too perilous for humans.

 Hoverbike 2

Chris Malloy, who made the Hoverbike, has also worked on a full-sized prototype. This model could travel for 92 miles or 45 minutes on a single tank of fuel, and is expected to cost around £45,000.

Hoverbike 3

A Hoverbike big enough to carry a person could revolutionise the way we travel – but flying vehicles so far have been the preserve of science fiction.

This takes us one step closer to making them a reality.