11 ways to make toast more exciting

Bored of the same old toppings? Experiment with some of these.

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Last updated: 22 February 2018 - 6.49am

Numerous trendy restaurants and cafes have succeeded in sprucing up that most humble of breakfast staples – the slice of toast. However, the generic and, let’s be honest, often overpriced smashed avocado on toast is slowly becoming boring and unoriginal.

With National Toast Day (February 22) fast approaching, are you stuck for ideas on how to spice up your morning fix? If plain old peanut butter or jam doesn’t quite make the cut, experiment with these 11 toast-topping ideas:

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1. Cheesy egg toast

Start with a thick slice of bread, you should aim to hollow out half of it so the egg doesn’t spill out. Add some black pepper before cracking the egg into it and sprinkling a generous amount of your favourite cheese around the crusts. Place the slices under the grill until the egg has cooked to your liking and the cheese is crispy.

2. Gingerbread French toast

Simply dip two inch-thick slices of french baguette (or any bread of your choice) in a mixture of cream, milk, eggs and spices (cinnamon is ideal), and then fry in a pan with melted butter. For an extra special treat, you could whip up a cream topping: melt some butter in a saucepan, add some cinnamon, lemon juice and honey and mix well – and once this has cooled down, add some cream to the mix and pour it over the toast. But you could experiment with different variations and additions.

3. Avocado and strawberry


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Why not dress up the classic Instagram-worthy breakfast? Top your avocado on toast with balsamic dressed strawberries – finish with a squeeze of lime to make it extra refreshing.

4. Banana and peanut butter

Packed with protein, potassium and unrefined sugars, the banana makes a great alternative to jam and is complemented nicely by the salty peanut contrast. To add more flavour, you could drizzle with maple syrup and sprinkle cinnamon on top. For extra nutrients, however, add chopped nuts and chia seeds.

5. Pizza toast

Spread a thin layer of tomato puree on lightly toasted bread, before loading with cheese and pizza-style toppings of your choice. Place under the grill until your toppings are crispy and the cheese is bubbling.

6. Smashed broad beans

An alternative to traditional baked beans on toast, why not blitz some blanched broad beans in a food processor, with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and rocket. Spread over toasted sourdough and sprinkle with chilli flakes. Healthy and delicious.

7. Apple pie toast

Hollow out half a slice of thick bread, layer with cream cheese and thinly sliced apples. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon before adding a knob of butter and placing in the oven. Bake until it’s golden, and serve with vanilla ice cream.

8. Blueberry, bacon and maple

Sounds like an odd combination, but the salty-sweet contrast of blueberries, bacon and maple syrup will tingle your taste buds. Mix maple syrup into cream cheese and spread over toast, then top with blueberries and crispy bacon lardons.

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9. Unicorn toast

A great way to release your inner child and get creative. Just fold icing sugar and food colouring into cream cheese and layer the different colours over toast. For extra unicorn magic, add edible glitter and multi-coloured sprinkles.

10. Prosciutto and mozzarella

Place two buttered pieces of toast in a frying pan, and add a generous layering of mozzarella to each slice as the buttered sides brown underneath. When the cheese is gooey, add thin strips of prosciutto on top of the mozzarella, then sandwich the slices together. Or you could drizzle with balsamic glaze and top with some fresh rocket; a great hearty brunch.

11. Tofu scramble

This is a great option for vegans, and anyone seeking a substitute for the usual scrambled eggs. Made the exact same way, simply break down silken tofu with a fork and scramble until it becomes firm – you could add garlic, turmeric and chilli peppers, or whatever you fancy, for an extra kick. Load this onto toast with tomatoes and spring onion for a deliciously healthy breakfast.

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