4 easy ways to anti-age your smile

It’s amazing how many years a decent smile can take off your face, so here are four top tips for a younger-looking you.

You can apply all the wrinkle-reducing creams and line-filling serums you like but if your smile is looking old, it gives the game away at once.

And recent research found that stained teeth, thinning enamel and obvious signs of tooth decay can all make you look older - up to 12 years more in fact.

And in terms of anti-ageing, it’s vitally important not only for your looks but for your health to spend a bit more making sure your teeth are in tip-top condition.

So let's peel back the years with these four top tips on how to make your teeth - and you - look younger.

1. How to protect your tooth enamel

Enamel on your teeth is whiter when we’re younger and the dentin – the second layer of the tooth – always darker. As enamel naturally wears off with time, the dentin begins to dominate the shade of your teeth.

Essentially, protecting your enamel is of the upmost importance so cue the £10 toothpaste that can, in essence, ‘rebuild’ your teeth. The revolutionary Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste claims to rebuild 82% of tooth enamel in just three days, filling in any microscopic holes caused by fizzy drinks or sugary foods. Not bad for a tenner!

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2. How to remove stains from your teeth

Stains accumulate on your teeth as you age, especially if you’re a fan of coffee, tea and red wine (even white wine, too!) Removing them can be done by a professional hygienist or there’s plenty of products available to brush those stains away.

Be careful to choose a smooth paste, rather than a gritty one which can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. BlanX Intense Stain Removal.

3. How to whiten your teeth safely

It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect whitener for you and your teeth but there are a few options that not only whiten your teeth but help them too. One of the best things to do is visit a professional, like the guys at Smilepod, who offer various options for whitening including in the office plus at-home options.

Try switching your regular mouthwash for a whitening version – we like Listerine Advanced White. Secondly, try using an at-home whitening system like iWhite, a safe formula that instantly whitens in 20 minutes plus strengthens the teeth too or the new craze, whitening strips. Polished Whitening is a peroxide free-formula that whitens within 14 days.

Or, stick to a gentle whitening toothpaste like Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Fresh Mint Toothpaste.

4. Change your diet

We know certain foods are devils for staining the teeth, but there are a few that help keep them white and sparkling, says Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith of The London Smile Clinic.

Apples are effective at whitening teeth as they contain malic acid, a chemical found in whitening products made to dissolve stains. Crunchy vegetables are ideal too as they promote saliva production, in term dissolving stains. Celery, too, contains fibrous cellulose, a natural exfoliator, so get crunching!

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