What is a revenge body? Everything you need to know

As Khloe Kardashian’s fitness show returns for a second season, we found out what a revenge body actually is.

Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian is back on E! (BT TV channel 321) and she and her team of experts will be helping a fresh batch of participants to get in shape.

But what exactly is a ‘revenge body’? We found out everything you need to know.

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What is a revenge body?

The idea of a revenge body centres around the breakdown of a romantic relationship.

As a means of getting back at an ex-partner, the other partner will decide to lose weight or spend time working on their body. The end goal is to look great so the ex will see what they are missing.

The show got its name as Khloe’s fitness transformation begun after the breakdown of her marriage to Lamar Odom. She says she first began going to the gym as a way to get away from everything she was going through.

She insists, though, that the revenge is not on her ex-husband, but rather the mean-spirited tabloids and social media trolls who spent years taunting her for her weight and calling her the ‘fat Kardashian’.

Contestants on the show have mixed motives when it comes to why they want to get in shape, some wanting revenge on an ex, some hoping to win an ex back and some just wanting revenge on the poor hand they feel life has dealt them.

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Can working out post-breakup be beneficial?

“Breakups are hard and they can really affect your self-esteem,” explains personal trainer and fitness blogger Carly Rowena.

“It is important that you look at your time post-breakup as the perfect opportunity to spend some time working on you. One of the best ways I suggest to do this is by going to the gym. Not only is the gym a great place to meet new people but it is also a brilliant place to help boost confidence post-breakup.

“By heading to the gym you are releasing endorphins that will not only make you look and feel better but also a lot happier.”

Using getting back at an ex as a motive may not always be a healthy way to get over the heartache of a relationship that’s turned sour.

Relationship expert Kelly Pretty says: “The endorphins that are released during exercise are great for anyone going through a messy breakup however, it is very important for the individual to evaluate why they are wanting to work out more.

“Is it because it feels good for them to be healthy or is it because they want to get back at their ex? If it is the latter then that is not healthy and they need to start doing things to help them look within and break free from their ex in a healthy way.”

Life coach Gemma McCrae agrees that you should shouldn't head to the gym to try and win an ex back: "I've seen many people use their need for revenge in a positive way, to get fit and ultimately transform their bodies, and their lives.

"Some people fall into this trap of transforming themselves, thinking they will get their ex partner back and they don't. This obviously causes far more harm than good.

"Revenge bodies can be a good thing, what's not good about getting fit and feeling good about yourself? But do it for yourself not to get revenge," she says.

To be the best version of yourself after a breakup on the inside as well as the outside, Gemma recommends her 5 Days To A Better You online course.

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How to workout the healthy way

Breakups effect people in different ways and the stress can cause some to lose weight. If this is the case, Carly says to focus more on weight-training than doing too much cardio.

“This will ensure you are looking more defined,” and, she adds for those who are trying to look great to get back at their ex, “make your butt look epic in jeans.”

If you’re feeling intimidated by the gym environment, she says you shouldn’t be scared of asking for a little professional help.

“One or two sessions [with a personal trainer] will help enhance your confidence and help you gain a stronger of what you are doing.”

If that’s not your thing, try an online guide like Carly’s Get Gorgeous Guide, or try joining classes.

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