Vegan skincare products: The most hard-working beauty buys to try

Veganism isn't just about enjoying a meat and dairy-free diet - these chic and powerful skincare products are vegan too.

Veganism has become pretty hip over the last few years and as people give up meat, dairy products and animal products.

According to healthy food brand Pollen + Grace, there are at least 542,000 vegans in the UK right now - 10 years ago, that figure was only around 150,000.

And thanks to many familiar high street restaurants and food brands introducing vegan lines and nut milks arriving in your local coffee shop, it's becoming easier than ever to become a vegan, or at least a part-time one, if you want to try to cut down on your meat and dairy consumption.

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Veganism isn't just a blanket term for a meat and dairy-free diet though: veganism can be filtered through to your entire lifestyle - including your beauty choices.

Many brands are working hard to become vegan-friendly, meaning their products are free of animal-derived ingredients, with some labels entirely vegan. And you don't have to compromise on effectiveness either: some of the best and most hard-working products that you should have in your skincare arsenal are vegan.

We've picked some of our favourite vegan skincare products:

Spa Technologies Flower Peel Serum, £25

Didn't think a vegan product could pack as powerful punch as something synthetic? Think again. A multi-functional anti-inflammatory concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid are ripe for the skin.

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen, £90


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This is the first ever vegan, plant-based collagen formulation with the highest concentration of active collagen which helps to condition the skin – think more bounce.

The Hero Project Glow Drops, £20


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A silky, dry-touch facial oil blended with 10 natural essential oils and vitamin C to brighten complexions.

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Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Australian Pink Clay, £39.50


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This mask blew up on Instagram because of it’s impressive results after just one use, with benefits ranging from refining pores and regulating sebum to reducing pigmentation.

Majo Medicine Face Food, £38

Whatever your skin’s needs, this daily moisturiser claims to help them. Plus, its ingredients have been chosen to stabilise and boost the skin’s metabolism to encourage collagen production and healing.

Triology Rosehip Oil, £19.99


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Kate Middleton’s said to be a fan of this face oil for keeping her skin radiant and healthy.

Skyn Iceland Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask Set, £30


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Forget sheet masks, it’s all about rubber masks now and these hydrating little honeys are more fun as you have to mix the ingredients together like a science experiment.

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Isla Apothecary Immortelle Scar + Blemish Oil, £30

This handy oil promises to help heal acne scars and even skin tone.

Rossi Uvema Juniper & Lavendar Face Toning Mist, £14.25


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Spritz this mist onto your skin when you’re in need of a hydration hit.

UMA Oils’ Absolute Anti-Ageing Eye Oil, £85

Face oils are par for the course now so up the skincare ante with an eye oil – this one reduces puffiness and hydrates the delicate the eye area.

Fat & The Moon Mermaid Mask, £16.50



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You want softer skin or to sort your pimples? This sorts it. You want your hair to glow? You're looking at your hair's saviour. This multi-mask is one for all bathroom cabinets. 

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