There’s something that always jars with having a relaxing, chilled massage at a spa and then having to throw your clothes back on and battle the tube, train or traffic.

Any stress that’s been pummelled out of me at a spa is almost instantly back up to 100 the minute I step out of a spa. One way to combat that is with an at-home beauty service; instead of you going to them, the therapists come to you.

So it was after one particularly stressful Friday that I had the magic of Blossom and Jasmine come to visit me for an indulgent head massage.

Any worries of the fact a stranger is essentially in your home were quickly dissolved thanks to my therapist, who was professional yet friendly enough to put me at ease.

She set up her massage station in my spare bedroom, and popped her spa-style music on to create a serene atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this was broken by the kids playing outside which is of course not something  you’d (hopefully) experience at a spa, but I managed to zone it out to enjoy a blissful hour of my neck, shoulders and head being soothed and any strains of the day taken away.

After the treatment, it was wonderful to be able to just throw on my dressing gown and stay at home, rather than having to worry about getting home – or even getting dressed.

For some, the atmosphere of a spa and all the trimmings is what they consider a treat but if it’s a relaxing evening at home you’re looking for, you can’t go much wrong!

For more information on Blossom and Jasmine, visit the website.