7 cleaning shortcuts for lazy people

Can’t face doing the chores? Fear not, for there are plenty of ways to ensure your cleaning schedule is far less pressing…

Some of us are just not made for cleaning – it’s not in our blood and, quite often, when there’s plenty more fun stuff to be getting on with, it’s the last thing we want to get down to.

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Saying that, it’s inevitable that the floors, piles of washing up and pesky shower glass will eventually need to be tackled. And unless you’ve convinced expert cleaners Kim and Aggie to pay you a visit, you’re going to have to make the cut alone.

But the good news is there are plenty of ways you can keep your home looking spotless with minimal effort. Here are some of our fave tips and tricks…

Clean on the job in the shower

The shower is the perfect time for a spot of multi-tasking. I mean, you’re scrubbing, you’re shaving, you’re singing… So why not wash the tiled walls and glass door while you’re at it, too? Not only will it save you precious time, it will also ease the guilt of putting the unwelcome task off for weeks and weeks. A top tip is to use white vinegar for an effective and safe clean. Or if you’re feeling super sloth-like, opt for a chemical-free, no-wiper cleaner.

Learn what’s dishwasher friendly

The struggle of living without a dishwasher is real. What other appliance gets to work cleaning dishes whilst you put your feet up? But though you may appreciate its support, this godsend contraption is probably even more useful than you give it credit for. For example, did you know as well sparkling the pots and pans, it can sanitise other household objects too? Chuck in anything from grubby toys to wellies and tools.

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Let a vacuum robot do the work

Everyone loves a good gadget; and in the way of minimising chores, they don’t come much handier than the vacuum robot: a nifty device that takes the manual labour out of hoovering by doing it for you. A good example is the iRobot Roomba 612 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a revolutionary product that will make light work of your household cleaning. Just simply apply the setting to the room you’re cleaning and the technology – a 3-stage system complete with sensors – will focus on cleaning the areas where it’s needed most.

Easy clean microwave spills

Who hasn’t fallen victim to a soup explosion or porridge overspill in the microwave? That’s usual business – but it’s how you deal with the aftermath that maketh a person. If you’re prone to avoiding it, only to find the mess fused to the walls for weeks to come, it’s time for a quick fix. Simply pour two cups of water and ½ cup of vinegar into a bowl and nuke it for three minutes on full power. Now simply wipe it away, and not only is your microwave squeaky clean, the pong of stinking leftovers will be banished too.

Dust with fluffy socks

Fluffy socks are a magnet for dust and hair, so all the while you’re keeping your feet cosy and warm – you’re technically doing your bit around the house too. Who knew? You’ll save on Swiffer refills, won’t actually feel like you’re cleaning and, best of all, the house will be dust-free for minimum effort. If you want to up the ante, there’s even pairs of especially made microfibre cleaning slippers available.

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Invest in the electric go duster

If you’re always on the move, make Go Duster your next investment. This ingenious motorised duster not only promises to make dusting faster and easier, but more fun too. Battery-operated, the lightweight device spins with the push of a button, meaning all you need to do is hold it in position – with no extra arm work!

Utilise foil liners

Foil is your friend. It keeps food fresh and hygienic, locks in flavour and keeps food hot. But more so, from a cleaning point of view, the perks are endless. By placing aluminium foil on the shelf below or on top of the baking tray, when cooking, you’ll never have to clean the oven again. Well, a lot less frequently, at least. If you’re a lazy pro, you can even invest in hob and oven liners that protect both surfaces from stray dirt.

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