9 household things you need to clean every day

Think you can get away with a fortnightly whizz around with the Hoover? Think again. Here’s what you should be cleaning regularly…

Let’s face it, cleaning is about as exciting as watching paint dry. But there are certain things in your home that ought to get a lot more attention than others – and if you take a few minutes each day to clean them, it could save you facing hours of weekend chores.

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Here are just a few things that need a daily clean…

1. Kitchen surfaces

That blob of porridge or splash of milk from breakfast is obvious, but what about the germs lurking in your kitchen that you can’t see? Use a disinfectant spray to zap the nasties on kitchen counters and make sure you change your sponges and dishcloths regularly too, as they’re Mecca for bacteria.

2. The hallway

It’s the first thing you see when you get in, so it makes sense to keep your entranceway nice and tidy. Just taking a few minutes to pop your keys in a bowl, tidy shoes and coats away, shake out the doormat and sweep up any stray leaves or stones that have made it through the door will give you a calmer, stress-free environment.

3. The shower

Regularly toss a coin with your partner to see who’s going to clean the bathroom – and scrub the limescale off the shower screen? Investing in a daily shower cleaner spray that you squirt on after a shower will keep it looking good all week. Get a squeegee to dry the tiles, so you get less mould in your grouting too.

4. The dishes

Sounds obvious right, but how many of us are too tired/keen to watch our favourite show after dinner and let the dirty crockery stack up? Always at least rinse your plates to prevent leftover food encrusting overnight and, even better, if you have a dishwasher, set it off while you’re catching up on your zzzz’s.

5. Floors

We’re thinking about the kitchen again – and the likelihood that any crumbs that have been dropped throughout the day may attract that most unwanted of house guests, mice. A quick sweep up could prevent these and other unwelcome beasties from moving in.

6. Your handbag

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting a full clear-out every night, although getting rid of old receipts, used tissues and any crumbs is not a bad idea, but it’s the underside that needs attention.

Think of the places you’ve put your bag down, from the train or bus, to the floor in the public toilet. Use an antibacterial wipe just to get rid of any germs.

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7. Dishtowels and handtowels

Once you’ve done the washing up, pop your used dishtowels in the washing machine, and the same with any handtowels, as they pick up all the bacteria we’ve missed when washing hands or dishes.

8. Sinks

You might think all that washing up and hand washing cleans your sinks too, but they’re actually a hotbed of germs, so pop the plug in and fill them with hot water and a splash of bleach, then leave for a while, drain and wipe clean.

9. The bedside table

Don’t leave it too long before giving it a good dust and wiping off those teacup stains – just think of the nasties that are lurking there while you’re having a good sleep just inches away.