There is no more iconic image associated with Beauty and the Beast than that of the enchanted rose that sits under a bell jar in the Beast’s mansion.

In everyone’s favourite fairytale, a young prince answers the door to an old beggar woman who offers a rose in exchange for shelter.

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When the cold-hearted prince refuses, she reveals herself as a beautiful enchantress. She transforms him into a beast and his staff into household objects.

She enchants the rose and tells him that if he doesn’t learn to love and be loved in return by the time the last petal on the rose falls, he will remain a beast forever.


Now you can make your own fairytale with a magical ending with this great crafty DIY from The Flower Council of Holland.

Create a fabulous fantasy world under your bell jar to admire.

We used orchids but you can use any of your favourite flowers.

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What you need:


Self-drying clay
Water-based paint
Various vases
Your favourite flowers (we used Vanda, Dendrobium and Aranthera orchids)
A nice dish to display it on
Bell jar


1. Choose a paint colour you like, add a little to the clay and knead it through to create a marbled effect. Once you’ve achieved this look, stop.


2. Grab your newly marbled clay and stick it onto the vase. Don’t worry about being too neat. Leaves some spare clay at the bottom to keep the vase stuck to your dish. Repeat the same for any other vases you’re using.


3. Push the various vases together and join them with some extra clay. All that’s left to do now is insert the flowers, place your bell jar over the top and you’re done.

Beauty and the Beast is available to buy and rent on the BT TV Store

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