11 tips for staying warm if your heating is broken

Because having no heating in winter is the worst thing in the world...

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Last updated: 21 May 2018 - 11.46am

You know the drill: On the very same day that the weather seems to change and get freezing, the heating breaks.

As if like clockwork.; as if it knows that it will have to wake up from hibernation and do some work and it just can’t be bothered.

There’s nothing worse than having no heating, we get it. If you are in no position to get it fixed quickly, here are some useful tips for keeping warm in the meantime.

1. Layer up clothes

Sounds obvious. But try wearing lots of thin layers rather than one big coat. This will trap in extra heat.

2. Invest in an extra duvet

Again, layers. Think layers.

3. Hot food and drinks

Keep the salads for summer and tuck into a giant bowl of steamy soup instead.

4. Close your curtains

This will stop heat escaping through your windows. But if it happens to be sunny during the day, keep them open to allow the warmth in.

5. Hot water bottles

Remember these? Buy another. You won’t regret it.

6. Stay active

Do some jumping jacks in your living room, do a little dance. Go on.

7. Buy a chimney balloon

If you have a chimney, obviously.

8. Make your own draught excluder

If your nifty with a knitting needle, try making one of these to prevent draughts getting into your house via your doors. Or just buy one, they aren’t too pricey.

9. Close doors

It is much easier to heat a small room than a whole house.

10. Invite people over for a cuddle

Or not to cuddle, whatever. The more people in your house the warmer it will be.

11. Look on the bright side

At least you’ll be saving money!

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