4 ways to turn your bath into a hot tub

Here’s how you can turn your own bathroom into a spa and get that hot tub feeling without the hassle.

As well as being very relaxing, a long soak in hot, bubbly water is reputed to have many health benefits, among them easing tired, aching limbs, reducing stress and improving poor circulation.

Massage by water jets is called hydrotherapy. Water has been used for centuries to aid in pain relief and joint and muscle relaxation.

However, everyone doesn’t have the space – or budget – to install a hot tub in their home. But, if you still want to enjoy the relaxation of some bubbles at bath time, here’s our guide to how you can transform your bath into a hot tub

1. Buy a machine that produces bath jets

There are lots of devices out there which can be fitted to a bath to produce bath jets and bubbles. Although each model is different, these are usually fitted over the rim of the bath. The device agitates the water so that waves are produced. Most devices have different settings, by which you can control the intensity of the waves and bubbles produced depending on how much of an effect you want to produce. The bubbling water has a massage effect – helping to soothe tired, aching limbs.

2. Upgrade to a whirlpool bath

Using a DIY whirlpool bath kit, you can transform your ordinary bath into a whirlpool or possibilities. The difference between a whirlpool bath and jet-producing machines is that jet-producing machines agitate the water to create jets and bubbles, whereas whirlpool baths involve fitting individual jet ports to the bath. Water is sucked into the system and passes through a pump which sends the water out through the jets. As individual jets are involved, a whirlpool bath can provide a more targeted massage experience.  

3. Use a massage mat

A slightly cheaper option than a bath jet machine or whirlpool machine is a bath massage mat. These mats also create bubbles in the bath, by creating air pockets in the water. Some have heating functions to add to the hot tub feel.

4. Create lots of bubbles the cheap and easy way

If you want you bath to have the look of a hot tub without the massaging benefits, you can use a machine that produces lots of bubbles. These battery-operated devices whip a container of bubble bath into a froth of bubbles on which to float your cares away.

If you have a health condition, always speak to your doctor before taking very hot baths. Always follow manufacturers’ instructions when using any electrical technology near water.

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