5 ways to make your heating work harder

It’s officially freezing, so how do you make sure your central heating is up to the job? We found out.

Before the cold snap leaves parts of the country blanketed in snow, and those wintry flurries set in, it's time to get serious about your heating. Or at least before we have to wrap up warm as temperatures dip below freezing.

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If you want to get some top tips on how to winter-proof your home, we've got all you need to know.

They might just keep your home cosy and warm all winter long.

5 top heating tips 

1. Bleed radiators to make sure they work properly; cold spots can mean you have air in the system.

2. Seal windows and doors to stop warm air escaping. Fitting draft excluders is also a quick and easy way to cut energy bills.

3. Loving your boiler is easier than you think. Make sure it is working efficiently by making sure the pressure gauge is at the right temperature.

4. Wrapping up your water tank will help to conserve heat and save money.

5. Prevent burst pipes by making sure all pipes are properly insulated with lagging which can be bought from DIY shops.

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