If you find that changing your duvet covers is always something of a wrestling match, we may have just stumbled across a sneaky new way to act like a bedding pro.

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Forget twisted sheets or loose corners, the folks at Inhabitat have created the burrito duvet, which helps you to put on fresh bedding with ease. And all you have to do is roll…

1. Start by turning your freshly laundered duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on the bed, so the opening on the duvet is at the bottom.

2. Next lay your duvet on top of the cover, making sure the corners are straight and aligned.

3. Go to the head of the bed and start rolling the duvet into a long burrito.

4. Once you’ve got to the end, reach into the opening of the cover on the right hand side and flip it over, so you expose the outside of the cover.

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5. Repeat on the left hand side of your duvet.

6. When both sides are flipped over you can unroll the burrito and smooth out your duvet.

When it comes to washing your duvet cover - simply reverse the process.

Video credit: Inhabitat