9 tips for getting rid of cooking smells in your home

Struggling to get rid of lingering cooking smells? There’s no need to kick up a stink when you can try these quick fixes out for size…

It’s a common scenario. You slave away at the stove all day, only to welcome your dinner party guests and immediately apologise for the lingering stink permeating from the kitchen.
But there’s plenty of ways to throw them off the scent.
From the wonders of white wine vinegar, to tackling the stench with salt before it’s even started, get a whiff of these ingenious ways to eliminate cooking fumes from your home…

1. Scented candles

Why limit scented candles to the lounge and bathroom when your kitchen space could benefit from a little fragrance too? After you’re done cooking (it’s best to wait until after as to not overpower your food), light a few wicks to swiftly diminish any foodie fumes.

2. Chopping boards

Chopping boards, especially the wooden variety, tend to absorb cooking smells; and if you don’t clean them properly, will continue to ‘reek’ havoc in your kitchen. To rid yours of any stubborn odours, soak it overnight in water before leaving it out to dry naturally in the morning.

3. White wine vinegar

White wine vinegar is widely celebrated for its stink-reducing abilities and that’s because it really works. To deodorise a room, simply place a bowlful in the corner (or dot several around the kitchen, depending on the extent of the smell) and within a few hours it will have neutralised the odour.

4. Cinnamon sticks

Stinky fish smell or freshly-baked cookies – the choice is obvious. To rid your home of the after-effects of a seafood dinner, bake up some aromatic cinnamon sticks, brown sugar and butter. Simply pop the mixture in the oven for 10-15 minutes and voila, unwanted stench gone. Try boiling fresh cloves, also!

5. Stainless steel

There’s little worse than discovering your hard work chopping up yummy – but pongy – veg such as onion and garlic has resulted in less-than-ideal smelly hands. But all you have to do to reduce the whiff considerably is rub your mitts on some stainless steel – think saucepans and pots.

6. Citrus peels

Next time you eat an orange or lemon, save the peels. These handy citrus cut-offs can rid your kitchen of any funky smells if simply left on the stove to simmer for an hour or so. Therefore, not only will you have an odour-free home, you’re successfully reducing your food wastage too.

7. Burnt toast

Food chemists say that the fastest solution to get rid of an unpleasant stench is to burn a slice of bread in the toaster. Yes – your kitchen will now smell of burnt toast, but the thinking behind it promises that this isn’t an odour that will last long. Just ensure the bread doesn’t catch fire!

8. Salt

Fight the stink before it starts by sprinkling salt on any food spills in the oven. Do it while the appliance is still hot and not only will it keep the odour to a minimum, it will ease the dreaded process of wiping it up too.

9. Coffee beans

The smell of freshly-ground coffee is a winner for many people, so it’ll be a welcome trick that a cup of the aromatic beans can work wonders for unrelenting kitchen odours too. Place them in a dish or toast them on the stove and they’ll get to work absorbing any pesky, long-lasting smells.

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