10 uses for Gu dessert ramekins you'd never thought of

Because they're useful little jars.

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Last updated: 21 February 2018 - 5.07pm

The analysis of a person who eats Gu desserts is a complex one. I mean, sure, they’re obviously opulent. Side-stepping the perfectly reasonable Aldi’s Jive bars and heading straight for the Gu cheesecake. “Just the three layered chocolate cheesecake for me, please. Just a fork and a satin napkin, ta.”

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But unpeel that arrogant layer from the average Gu-getter and you’re left with a Martin Lewis prodigy. A frugal being who just can’t let go of those robust ramekins. “So much potential. Such a waste to throw away.”

So the Gu-getter swills out their jars, they have lots, and sets them to the side, promising to one day maximise their full potential. To once again make them feel the way they felt when they were full of melt-in-the-middle pud.

Here’s your chance, Gu-getter. Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. The list which will make you having a Facebook account worthwhile. Here it is: All the uses for Gu dessert ramekins you’ve never thought about until now.

1. Haberdashery storage

2. Sauces and dips pots

3. Beauty bowls

4. Candle holders

5. Paint pots

6. Flower pots

7. Wedding decorations

8. Jam jars

9. Pots of jelly

10. Spider catcher

Go get ‘em, Gu-getter.

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