12 genius uses for washing up liquid other than cleaning dishes

Washing up liquid can be useful in more ways than one. Step away from the dishes and try it for one of these uses instead...

Realise the potential of washing up liquid – it can be used for all sorts of things, not just pans.

Here are some other uses for your bottle of washing up liquid in and around the home:

1. Weed killer

Mix with salt and white vinegar to make a homemade weed killing liquid.

2. Carpet cleaner

Dissolve a squirt of washing up liquid in warm water and use to blot away stains on the carpet.

3. De-fog glasses

A tiny amount of washing up liquid applied to spectacles will keep them from fogging up.

4. Tidy hairbrushes

Hairbrushes can pick up all kinds of dirt and bacteria, but these can be cleaned up with a day of washing up liquid, and a rinse in warm water.

5. No squeaks

Lock catching? Handle not turning properly? Instead of heading to the handyman, use washing up liquid as a quick and easy lubricant.

6. Mop up

Washing up liquid is just as good at cleaning floors as it is plates and bowls.

7. See-through

Run out of glass cleaner? Washing up liquid will leave your windows streak-free too.

8. Say bye to grease

Got grease on your favourite top? Apply washing up liquid liberally to the stain, gently working it in, leave to soak then put it in the washing machine. The grease should vanish.

9. Delicates

Wash delicates – underwear, wool etc – in a bowl of warm water, with a squeeze of washing up liquid. It works a treat.

10. Greasy hair

It works on grease stains, so yes, washing up liquid will sort out greasy hair too. Use it instead of shampoo!

11. Kill ants

Mix it with water in a spray bottle and target ants with it – far nicer than using pesticides.

12. Make ice packs

A frozen bag of washing up liquid will stay colder for far longer than frozen water – and you can refreeze it.

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