Paranormal activity: What it is and what you should do if you experience it at home

Weird bangs, ghostly knocks and things that go bump in the night are just some of the signs you might be experiencing paranormal activity.

Things that go bump in the night – easily explained or something a little spookier?
If you’re a sceptic, you’re not alone: a poll by the Syfy channel found that over half the UK population (56%) don’t believe in ghostly goings on.
Of course that leaves a large chunk – 44% - believing, with 17% saying that they’ve actually experienced paranormal activity themselves.
But what exactly is paranormal activity? And what on earth should you do if you think you’re experiencing it?
We asked clairvoyant, medium and psychic Billy Roberts to explain more…

What exactly is paranormal activity?

Paranormal activities are phenomena that cannot easily be explained and are outside the parameters of human experience.

What are the signs of paranormal activity?

Signs of paranormal activity are diverse, from common reports of ghostly knocks and people seeing shadowy forms out of the corner of their eyes, to doors opening by themselves, moving objects and ghostly apparitions.
Disembodied voices echoing through the darkness is a phenomenon that is also quite common.

What to do if you think your home is experiencing paranormal activity

This depends on how severe it is and whether it is causing concern to the family. You can enlist the help of an 'experienced' medium who may be able to resolve the problem, or the spirit can be exorcised by a priest who specialises in such phenomena.

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Why do some people experience it and not others?

Some people are potentially more sensitive to atmospheric fluctuations, while others are oblivious to them. However, when the phenomena are very apparent, not even the ardent sceptic would be able to ignore it.

Why are some people so sceptical – and others aren’t?

A sceptic is usually someone who has never witnessed paranormal phenomena so therefore dismisses it without consideration. This can be the result of background, upbringing or even religious persuasion.
Saying this, even the diehard sceptic - someone who denounces paranormal activity as a load of rubbish - will frequently add, “But there was this one time when…”  There is always this one time in everybody's life.

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