8 spooky signs that your home might be haunted

Find yourself wondering whether you live in a haunted house? Here are the common signs – and what to do about them.

Not everyone believes in ghosts, spirits and the paranormal. But are there strange goings-on in your home that you sometimes can’t explain? One possible conclusion could be that it’s haunted…

Alison Wynne-Ryder, a psychic medium, believes there’s a few easy ways to tell if your house is home to spirits. And before you think that it’s only old buildings that can be haunted, think again.

We take a look at how you can tell if your home is haunted...who you gonna call?

What type of buildings can be haunted?

“Although most people you ask would say old properties – or buildings that house many people, such as prisons, hospitals and castles – the reality is that any property can be haunted, even a modern one,” says Alison.

“However, the likelihood is that more old properties tend to have a ‘haunted feeling’ about them, as they have more history and habitation than newer buildings.”

What feelings would I have in a ‘haunted’ property?

  • Feelings of being watched or spied on.
  • Feelings of someone standing close behind you.
  • Feelings of being touched by unseen hands.
  • Feelings of the hair on back of your neck standing up.
  • Feelings of cobwebs on your face or body.
  • Feeling a cold breeze as if someone has walked past you.
  • Dark depressing feeling, especially in one particular location.

What are the signs that a building is haunted?

  • Lights turning on and off, or up and down, on their own.
  • Light bulbs blowing frequently.
  • Sounds of items being dropped – but when you go to investigate, there is nothing there.
  • Seeing unexplained shadows from the corner of your eye.
  • Strange behaviour from pets in the property: e.g. dogs barking or growling at something you cannot see, cats staring in a particular area as if they can see someone.
  • Hearing voices of people, whispers, or someone calling your name.
  • Seeing twinkling lights, mists or unexplained moving shapes.
  • Sudden temperature drops, especially in one area of the property.


How do spirits enter a house?

“They can 'reside' anywhere, but there are some traditional beliefs that the spirit enters and leaves through the chimney,” says Alison. “I know through experience that if they want to enter a house, they will enter wherever they wish to – and don't always exit the same way.

“They don't necessarily confine themselves to one area, although if they feel comfortable in a particular area, this will be where most of the activity is felt – such as extremely cold spots, feelings of being touched and so on. 

“For example, there was a spirit boy in my own house a couple of years ago and the sounds he was making seemed to come from within the walls. However, the deep cold I felt was in the spare bedroom, where my grandchildren stayed when they visited. He was drawn to them, making their toys go off on their own, playing with them. During this time, he hid in the wardrobe until I drew him close, communicated with him, and with the help of my medium friend, sent him to the light.”

What should I do if I think my home is haunted?

Alison suggests keeping a diary of events to see if there’s a pattern occurring of unexplained activity.

She also advises to think about when the strange goings-on started, and if something had happened around that time that could be attributed to the activity.

“For example, did someone 'play' with a oujia board, did you stay in a haunted house or castle, or visit an old graveyard?”

“If your home is indeed haunted, this will not go away of its own accord - it will get worse,” says Alison. She advises calling a reputable medium with ‘spirit rescue experience’ to see what they feel or sense, and give you advice.

“If there is a spirit stuck in the home, they will attend with another medium (or two, in case one of them is overshadowed by the spirit) and communicate with the spirit, hopefully sending it to the light.”

Alison Wynne-Ryder is the author of The Quirky Medium

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