Whether it’s a lick of paint, a dusting off of the cobwebs or a complete and utter spruce, now is the time to make adjustments to your home.

After all, with the fog, wind and cold weather, being housebound might as well be as enjoyable as possible.

And with spring on its way, these products could help give your home that boost.

1. Storage

File away any bits and bobs in pretty storage boxes.

Or take the Marie Kondo approach and put all similar goods in the same place i.e. a box for belts, a box for plugs, so that it’s easy to find.

Elvington Rose Set Of 2 Storage Boxes, £20, Cath Kidston

2. Draught

If heavy winds are making your home nippy, a draught excluder could help protect you from the chills.

Uniformed Dog Draught Excluder, £54, Joannawood.co.uk  

3. Fridge

Give your fridge a thorough clean, removing all food and products and binning out of date items. Give all shelves a soak and use baking soda to lift stubborn stains.

If your fridge still pongs, try using an odour neutraliser to make opening the door a more pleasant experience.

Fridge Odour Absorber, £5.49, Lakeland

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4. File

Take a deep breath and tackle any paperwork.

File any documents you want to keep in simple trays.

Metal paper tray £4.99, HomeSense

5. Flower

A bunch of daffodils adds a budget-friendly burst of spring colour even to the most dark and dingy of rooms.

Use a pretty vase like this one from Cath Kidston to display them.

Elvington Rose Ceramic Vase, £15, Cath Kidston

6. Shelves


Putting knick knacks on display is an effective way of de-cluttering bedside stands and, providing you keep an eye on what is there, theoretically should remind you whether you still like the objects or whether they can be packed off to the charity shop.

Ruche Shelving Unit Bookcase in Medium, £35, Handmade At Amazon

7. Art

Select some new artwork or frame any existing prints you have stashed away.

The next Affordable Art Fair comes to London between March 9-12 but you can also shop online.

8. Bedding

As the weather starts to turn for the better, switch to a lighter duvet.

If you haven’t already, flip and turn your mattress - ideally, this should be done every three to four months – vacuum your mattress to rid it of dead skin, dust and bugs and if you have one, wash your mattress topper.

Snuggledown Wash and Dry Me Hollowfibre Duvet, 10.5 Tog - Double, £41.09, Amazon

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9. Scent

If the cold weather means throwing open the windows isn’t an option, a nice new scent, such as this floral offering from the National Gallery Company, could offer a spring-like feel to your home.

Van Gogh Sunflowers Diffuser, £19.50, National Gallery Company

10. Towels

Sort through your towels and either chuck or re-home any that are looking shabby, using them for pets, backs of cars or for heavy cleaning tasks.

These ones by Tielleloveluxury.co.uk are usually supplied to boutique hotels, helping to give your bathroom a luxurious lift.

Tielle Love Luxury Towel Bale, RRP £45, Tielleloveluxury.co.uk

11. Vacuum storage

Stash away heavy coats, jumpers and store under your bed.

This triple pack from Lakeland has dust-proof bags so your clothes stay intact.

Vacuum Tote & Underbed Bundle, £39.99, Lakeland

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12. Mirror

Add light and the illusion of more space by hanging mirrors.

A mirror behind a bulky chest can give the sense of more space; adding a full-length mirror between two windows gives the illusion of another window, and a mirror across from a window will help make your room feel lighter. 

Distressed Mirror, Cream, 102 x 72cm, £115, John Lewis

13. Pillows

If you suffer from hay fever, start your defensive action soon by switching to anti-allergy bedding, like these special pillows from John Lewis.

Active Anti Allergy Standard Pillow, Soft & Medium, £20, John Lewis

14. Descale

Give your taps a new lease of life by removing limescale.

Fill this gadget from Lakeland with limescale remover and leave for 15 minutes, before wiping clean.

Limey standard tap cleaner, £3.99, Lakeland

15. Light

Add stylish floor lamps to shed light. This one by John Lewis is both modern and neutral, making it easy to merge with a range of interiors.

Glen Tripod Floor Lamp in ash, £110, John Lewis

How will you be transforming your home this spring? Tell us in the comments box below.