10 of the most bizarre travel insurance claims

From mischievous monkeys to combusting brides, here are some rather unusual holiday insurance claims.

Delayed flights, missing luggage, a broken bone - the vast majority of travel insurance claims are fairly run-of-the-mill. But occasionally, claims are made that defy credibility.

Here are 10 of the strangest travel insurance claims as identified by GoCompare Travel.

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Dropped choppers

Many of us will have felt that queasy feeling when travelling by boat when the waves start to get a little big and the boat starts rocking.

One poor pensioner lost their dentures, as well as their lunch, while vomiting over the side of a cruise ship - which resulted in him putting a claim in for ‘lost baggage’.

Wandering eye... bruised hooter

One British tourist in Athens claimed he was a little distracted by a group of women in bikinis. In fact, he was so distracted that he didn’t notice the bus shelter ahead of him, which he walked straight into, resulting in a broken nose. He did get his hospital bills paid.

We were only thinking of security, mum

A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without trying to bury one of your parents in the sand. Unfortunately, two children thought it would be an even better idea to bury their parents’ video camera while they went swimming, in order to prevent it being stolen while they frolicked in the waves.

Of course, when they came back from their swim they couldn’t remember exactly where it was buried.

But there’s no snow?

A trip to the Alpine slopes was a disappointment for one keen skier, as there was so little snow she was unable to ski. Her attempt to make a claim for the new set of skis she bought before setting off was later rejected.

What do you mean, it rains in Scotland?

At the other end of the spectrum are the family who went to Scotland on holiday for a week and were outraged that it rained the whole time. They tried to make a claim, based on the rain ruining their holiday, which was unsurprisingly rejected.

Monkeys love clothes…

One couple travelling in Malaysia returned to their holiday lodge, only to discover that monkeys had rummaged through their luggage. Their clothing was scattered all over the neighbouring rainforest.

The insurance company did pay out on this one.

…and cameras

Monkeys from Gibraltar are mischievous too, with one harassing a holidaymaker and running off with his camera. He was so outraged that he tried to demand a full refund for his holiday, as well as the money for a new camera.

Only the camera claim was paid out.

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The bride looks hot

Who wouldn’t want to get married in the Caribbean? Sun, sea, sand and… a bride on fire?

One bride’s day turned ugly when her dress caught fire on the barbeque. The heroic groom scooped her up and dumped her in the ocean, ruining both of their outfits.

They had wedding cover though, so the insurer did pay out.

I’ve lost my coconuts

One British holidaymaker was devastated to discover the two coconuts he was bringing home from his travels had been lost en route. So devastated that he filed a claim for £1,000.

This was a brave claim, given that coconuts can be bought for around £1 here, and that bringing this type of food into the country is illegal.

A nut on the nut

A rather different coconut-related claim this time. A woman on holiday in Sri Lanka was sitting by the beach in the shade of a coconut tree.

Unfortunately a coconut fell out of the tree, straight onto her head, which left her needing hospital treatment.

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