When it comes to saving money some of us are getting very creative.

Money-saving blogger Jordon Cox hit the headlines this week when he revealed that he’d flown home to Essex from Sheffield via Berlin as it was cheaper than getting a train.

Research by LatestFreeStuff.co.uk found that 64% of us take napkins from coffee shops to use at home. Meanwhile 59% of people admit to raiding the office stationary cupboard for paper and pens for home.

Almost half of us also pocket the sachets of ketchup, sugar and other condiments in restaurants, with 23% of us even going as far as taking a roll of toilet paper from the loo.

And we know of people who hang up teabags to reuse them in the future and limit the flushing of their toilet to save on water.

So far, so every day.

More extreme methods

However, a fifth of us save money by visiting a department store to get a free spray of aftershave or perfume.

“This survey was quite an eye-opener for us,” says Deepak Tailor, founder of LatestFreeStuff. “We all like free stuff, and it can feel good getting something for nothing.

“While doing things like collecting wallpaper samples as a means of decorating or recycling old diaries are harmless enough, we’d advise people not to take unnecessary risks – a couple of reams of paper and a box of biros isn’t worth losing your job over!”

If you’ve decided it’s time to start watching your finances more closely here are some money-saving ideas that you may not have considered trying before. Watch out though, some of them are morally and possibly legally dubious.

Don’t buy recipe books

Of the people surveyed by LatestFreeStuff 15% admitted to browsing recipe books in shops only to take photos of the recipes they like the look of with their mobile phone.

Dodge those excess luggage fees at the airport by wearing layers of clothes

While 11% of us admit to doing it, don’t take it too far. James McElvar, a singer in boyband Rewind, collapsed on a flight after wearing 12 layers of clothing to avoid luggage fees.

Take advantage of friends' electricity

Visiting a friend? Just under one in ten of us admit to recharging our phones and tablets at friends’ houses in order to save on our own electricity bills.

Drink rain

If you are on a water meter you could join the 5% of people who drink rainwater to keep their water bills down.

Collect wallpaper samples

Instead of forking out for rolls of wallpaper follow the lead of 3% of the country who collect free wallpaper samples until they have enough to paper a wall for free.

Wait until that old diary becomes useful again

Finally, if you have the patience to go with your Scrooge-like money-saving you could start saving old dairies and calendars to use the next time the dates fall on the right days. Only 1% of us bother to do this.

But if you’ve got an unused 2015 diary pop it in a drawer to use in 2020...

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