A driver who dangerously swerved around other cars and almost crashed into a tractor escaped justice - because the clock was not properly set on this dashboard camera.

Tony Seva, 74, caught the shocking footage on September 27 as he was driving on the busy A11 dual carriageway in Norfolk.

His footage shows a blue Ford Focus recklessly cutting in from the left, narrowly missing a slow-moving tractor and then nearly careering into the central reservation.

Mr Seva said he was driving at more than 50mph and the Ford Focus driver "came out of nowhere" at a much quicker speed.

Mr. Seva, a retired electrical engineer, who was with his wife said: "The guy roared passed us and we never got a chance to look at him but it gave us both a fright.

"We were quite scared and the driver in front of us was almost forced to pull onto the central reservation.

"I always make sure I drive safely and it was just really shocking to see. I'd only just got the camera when it happened."

The incident was reported to police but an out-of-date time stamp meant officers were unable to prosecute the driver.

Norfolk police told Mr Seva they had a "very strong word" with the driver in question.

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks said dashboard cameras were "vital" in investigating incidents on the road.

Video credit: SWNS