Ever wondered what the optimum strawberry to cream ratio is, or how long after serving you should wait to eat the Wimbledon fave?

Wonder no more, as Morrisons has joined forces with leading food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond to discover what the perfect balance is for this classic summer treat.

The supermarket discovered that the perfect strawberry-to-cream weight ratio is 70:30 – or one tablespoon of, ideally, single cream per two fresh medium-sized strawberries.

And you should eat it within two minutes and 50 seconds of serving, or else the strawberries will start to get soggy and shrink.

The research revealed:

• Strawberries maintain their firmness when immersed in single cream for approximately two minutes and 50 seconds, after which their texture begins to tangibly soften

• The taste and enjoyment of strawberries IS enhanced through the addition of cream – although it causes strawberries to shrink at an initial rate of 1% for every seconds

• A ratio of less than 60:40 strawberries-to-cream, or fewer strawberries, results in sub-optimal sweetness and flavour intensity (meaning it’s too creamy), while 80:20 generally yields an overly tart flavour

• The 70:30 strawberry-to-cream ratio works best with 1.5 teaspoons (7.5g) of cream per strawberry

"The most surprising finding was the discovery that strawberries get smaller when immersed in cream,” explained Dr Farrimond.

"This demonstrates that cream is not absorbed significantly into the strawberry, but that there is a net movement of fluid out of the strawberry - via osmosis - into the cream.

"The resulting red-coloured cream contains strawberry-flavoured molecules which serve to further enhance enjoyment gained from eating."

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