5 of best train stations for trainspotting around the UK

Here are some of the best places to go for any trainspotter or rail fan - guaranteed to get your engine running.

While it's not for everyone, for some trainspotting is a fascinating hobby. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best stations for admiring the loveliest locomotives this country has to offer.

1. York

Located just metres from the National Railway Museum, York railway station is a hot favourite for trainspotting. It’s noted for being in the top three, alongside Clapham Junction and Birmingham New Street, when on the look-out for the more modern locomotives, due to the sheer volume of trains that pass through the station.

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2. Clapham Junction

Similar to York, it is regarded as a must-visit for fans of the more modern trains, especially for someone hoping to catch the southern region’s suburban trains. Clapham Junction is known as one of the busiest stations for passing trains in the country and with the depot-sidings nearby you are guaranteed to have a busy day trainspotting.

3. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scottish Highlands

Any Harry Potter fan will instantly recognise this track from the film scenes featuring the Hogwarts Express. Deemed a major tourist attraction for its spectacular scenery, the Glenfinnan viaduct is also the longest concrete railway bridge in Scotland and crosses the River Finnan.

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With just a single track connecting Fort William and Mallaig, it is home to the West Highlands Line train service and during the summer months, the Jacobite steam train can be seen in operation.

4. Bluebell Railway, Sussex

Seen as one of the most famous heritage steam railway attractions in the country and a firm favourite for steam train enthusiasts, the Bluebell Line boasts over 30 steam trains, showcasing the finest collections of vintage locomotives and carriages. It’s been in operation since 1960, stretching 11 miles along the border between West and East Sussex.

With magnificent scenery and the final destination being Sheffield Park, a steam train ride on the Bluebell is a must for any train fan.

5. Porthmadog Harbour station, North Wales

2014 saw the opening of the new Porthmadog Harbour Station, providing a convenient cross-platform interchange between two of the Wales's most historic railway lines; the Welsh Highland Railway and Ffestiniog Railway.

The train services include historic steam engines with three of the original locomotives and their original carriages. The Welsh Highland Railway is the UK's longest heritage railway and the Ffestiniog Railway is the world's oldest narrow gauge with nearly 200 years of history.

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