In the morning, many of us need a coffee just to face the day.

But drinking hot water and lemon instead can work wonders. Many health nuts swear by these two magic ingredients.

Here’s why:

1. It helps your immune system

Lemon is a natural anti-bacterial which is why it is a popular ingredient in cleaning products. When you include it in your diet it has the same cleansing qualities and due to its high vitamin C content it helps build up your immune system and fight off colds and illness.

When you’re feeling poorly try adding honey to your hot water and lemon – this enhances the anti-bacterial quality and will soothe a sore throat.

2. It promotes clear skin

Just like all other fruit, lemons are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. They’re a vitamin C powerhouse which is vital for renewing skin cells, repairing damage from everyday life such as the sun and free radicals and also clearing blemishes and age spots.

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You can buy all of the skin treatments and creams in the world but none will be as anti-ageing or effective as a healthy, vitamin enriched diet.


3. It makes your body more alkaline

Illness occurs when the pH level is acidic so we want a body with a higher alkaline pH level.

On their own lemons are acidic, however once digested they become alkaline so when we include them in our diet regularly they help to create an alkaline pH which prevents disease and reduces bacteria and inflammation.

4. It energises and lifts your mood

As well as helping you feel rehydrated and more energetic in the morning, hot water and lemon is refreshing.

Unlike caffeine-rich drinks like tea or coffee – which cause energy levels to crash mid-morning – it keeps you feeling energised and awake. Studies have also shown that the scent of lemon can actually enhance your mood.

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5. It helps digestion

If you’re on a detox or trying to lose weight the first place to start is with digestion, and ridding the body of excess waste. By starting each day with hot water and lemon you’ll kick-start your metabolism and your digestive system so that it’s on track for the day ahead.

Studies have found that lemons prevent bloating and indigestion and promote weight loss – people with a more alkaline pH level tend to lose weight more easily than those with an acidic one.

Do you start your day with hot water and lemon? Tell us in the Comments box below.