It’s a cruel irony that, generally, women whinge on about diets infinitely more than men, yet it’s the latter who actually lose more weight.

This is partly due to hormones – testosterone is thought to help burn body fat, while oestrogen attracts it.

But another reason is that men diet, by not dieting.

“Guys rarely ever diet,” Jim White, a dietician and personal trainer from the US, has recently declared. “Sure, they might try to eat healthier or cleaner, but that's about it. No D-word.”

And it’s true. Think about it. When did you last witness any man frantically totting up how many calories were in that biscuit? Or saying ‘no’ to a steak and ‘yes’ to a salad? Or pouring skimmed milk on a bowl of low-fat cereal?

Clearly, the answer successful weight-loss might be easier than we think...

Eat more meat

“Men tend to eat more meat and fat, which can help with blood sugar balance,” explains Katy Mason, nutritionist at the NutriCentre.

“New research reveals one of the best things you can do for health and to control weight is to keep the amount of sugar in your blood constant, not too high, not too low.

“If you’ve had your hunger satisfied by good protein (like meat) you’re less likely to crave something sweet, which can throw your blood sugar levels out of balance.”

Eat more fat

It’s been the dieting devil for years, but it’s time ‘fat’ earned its angel wings.

“Women have learnt that fatty meat, cheese and eggs are all high in calories and so avoid them,” says Mason. “The problem is, if you cut out these substantial foods, you’re more likely to be feeling hungry after your main meal, making it much harder to avoid a pudding, or a snack later on.”

Obviously some fats, like trans fats found in processed cakes, crisps and chocolate, are still the enemy, but others such as unsaturated fats in oils, fish, nuts, avocados want to be your friend.

Drink more beer

Many women avoid beer because it’s high in calories and associated with a big belly, but if you actually want to lose weight and have a drink, Mason reveals you want “a proper ale or beer, instead of all those sickly sweet cocktails”.

We’re not pretending it’s as slimming as not drinking at all, but it does have the benefits of being more filling, and therefore less snack-on-the-way-home inducing. Plus, it has less sugar than the sugar-laden but seemingly healthier fruit cocktail alternative.

Don’t eat your emotions

It’s a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Premenstrual? Have some chocolate. Upset? Have some chocolate. Treating yourself? Have some chocolate. Admittedly - yes, another sweeping generalisation - men have the advantage of being less in touch with their feelings in the first place, but they do also tend not to eat through their fluctuating moods. Instead they just have normal meals, at normal times, with normal levels of emotion.