Have you ever associated a sound with the taste of something? If so, you might have synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia is a condition thought to affect one in 23 people in the UK in which their senses mix.

This means the experience of one sensation can involuntarily provoke the experience of another simultaneously.

Award-winning composer Nick Ryan has the condition and has been using it to create the sounds he associates with the taste of wine.

“My synaesthesia means that I experience sounds that I involuntarily associate with what I’m seeing in front of me and therefore I understand how one sense can be associated with another,” he said.

Wine brand Campo Viejo enlisted the help of Nick to create the world’s first wine soundscape for its Streets of Spain event in London this weekend.

“Campo Viejo challenged me to match its tasting notes and wines with sound,” Nick added.

“The team wants to bring vibrancy to tasting notes, to help people further connect the descriptions they read on a label to the wine they taste.

“I think that we’ve really achieved this with this project and believe the compositions that I’ve created will enhance people’s understanding of what they can taste.”

The video above shows Nick using different techniques to create the soundscape. He also worked with a cellist.

Streets of Spain Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan has interpreted the sounds of the taste of wine (Campo Viejo)

People tasting wine at the event at London’s Southbank Centre this bank holiday weekend (from Friday May 1 to Monday May 4) will do so in complete silence before trying again with the sounds created by Nick.

For more information visit the Streets of Spain website.