An adventurous Labrador, who forgot she was scared of water, had to be rescued after she jumped in a kayak and floated into the middle of a Highland loch.

Rosy the dog was playing on the shore of Loch Broom, which leads to the Atlantic, with brothers Michael and Sean Osborne.

The pair, 18 and 15, from the highland town of Ullapool in Scotland, were swimming in the loch and had left a kayak lying on the shoreline with Rosy wandering nearby.

Rosy stuck in the kayak

When they looked back to shore they noticed that the six-year-old Labrador, who is frightened of water, had sat down in the kayak as it began to float out towards the sea.

The boys' mum Lisa Osborne said it was a shock to see the canine canoeist take to the lake, as she normally shies away from water.

“Rosy hates water so it just seemed so ridiculous that she was out there on the Loch.

“It was quite funny looking back. She made no attempt to jump out or save herself, she just sat in the kayak waiting for the boys to come and rescue her.

“She floated all the way out and basically went as far as the sea.

“The boys swam back to shore and got a little rowing boat then they rowed out using a paddle from the kayak to rescue her.”

Rosy the dog

Lisa, who runs two holiday homes in the remote north-west village, couldn’t quite believe that Rosy had been out so far on the loch but the experience doesn’t seem to have phased the plucky pooch.

She said: “Somehow they managed to persuade her to get out of the kayak and jump into their rowing boat.

“She usually can't be persuaded to do anything unless there's food involved.

“She was fine afterwards! Absolutely nothing phases her except food. She's quite a character.”

Photo credits: Caters News