After Thursday’s barrage of #EdexcelMaths tweets from students sitting their GCSE exams, those social media savvy 16-year-olds have been at it again, sharing their disdain for the apparently rather difficult AQA Biology exam paper.

It was a struggle, right from the get go.

Nobody seemed to revise the right stuff

Doesn’t it make you all nostalgic for when the topics you revised didn’t come up in your exams? Ah, the golden days of youth.

It looks like pretty much everyone fell at the same hurdle.

But seriously, how many of us grown adults actually know which part of the liver produces reductase? Show of hands? Anyone? We thought so.

There was also something about the angler fish, which some people luckily remembered from Finding Nemo.

And a question about bird watching, which has sent these sassy 16-year-olds into fits of inconsolable rage.

It was way, way harder than anyone expected.

Don’t worry though kids – even if you all flopped the exam as hard as Twitter implies, the grade boundaries could be in your favour.