As the weather gets gradually warmer, it is inevitable we will start seeing more creepy crawlies in our homes and gardens.

These incredible close-up photos of spiders show the amazing colour and detail they can possess.

Photographer Roni Hendrawan has to be quick to get the portraits when he spots the spiders.

The whole range consists of jumping spiders, huntsman spiders and tarantulas - all ranging between 5mm to 5cm in size.

Roni sees them near his home in Toboali in Bangka Selatan, Indonesia, and uses a macro lens to create larger pictures of their faces.


The 22-year-old college student said: "Many spiders have funny hairstyles like mohawks, but it's a natural style for them.

"That is why I'm curious to photograph so many different types of spider."

The secret is to photograph them in the morning or evening, he added, because they move around less.

Roni said: "It is really difficult because spiders always move around and I have to shoot them in right focus.

"Also sometimes the spiders are dangerous, like tarantulas.

"In the morning the spider is not too aggressive, but when they are moving around it's more difficult.

"Actually sometimes spiders can get more tired after jumping, making it easier to shoot pictures.

"Spiders' faces are so unique. In every single shot I was surprised with new a face I think."

Each spider takes between 30 minutes and three hours to individually photograph, he said.

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