Claire Sweeney has said she isn’t worried about getting a happy ever after with a man as her baby son is her happy ending.

The actress recently split from nine-month-old Jaxon’s father, Daniel Reilly, but said she wasn’t concerned about finding love.

Claire, who had two miscarriages before Jaxon arrived, said: “My baby’s a happy ending, he’s wonderful! My life is about him.

Claire Sweeney
Claire Sweeney (Ian West/PA)

“I feel more grounded and settled, I feel more cautious about things. I get deep-rooted pleasure out of simple things now, just a smile, sitting playing with him or feeding him. If he does a full nappy, I want to do a lap of honour. I’m thrilled he’s working, he’s all normal and fine.”

She added that she was unsure if she would have any more children, but for the moment wanted to concentrate on being happy with Jaxon.

Claire said: “You know one thing in life, people spend too much time not enjoying the moment and looking ahead to think, ‘What’s next? What can I do next?’

Claire Sweeney
Claire Sweeney when she was pregnant with son Jaxon (Jonathan Brady/PA)

“I’m enjoying every single minute with Jaxon and I’m not thinking, ‘I must do this’. I’m just enjoying playing with him. One thing people say is that it goes really quick, so I want to enjoy every minute.”

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