Woolworths have denied they are making a comeback to the nation's high streets after seven years.

The former retail giant was reported to be planning to open 10 new stores nationally on a trial basis.

The stores went into administration in 2008 with debts of up to £385million before the brand was bought by Shop Direct owners Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay for between £5m and £10m and turned into an online store the following year.

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Its popularity saw the online store attract 20,000 customers within hours of its opening in 2009.

However, a spokesman denied the reports, stating: "We are not opening Woolworths stores.

"We are a digital retail group and are focusing all our efforts on giving our customers an excellent shopping experience online."

Famed for stocking a wide range of items such as school clothes, CDs and its pick ‘n’ mix sweet selection – and for its extravagant Christmas adverts, Woolworths was a feature on shopping parades across the country.

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