We're making some changes to your BT email service

We'll start moving email addresses (including any sub-accounts) from BT Yahoo email to our new email service, BT Mail, from Spring 2014.

Don't worry, your email address will stay the same. We'll move all your emails and folders across to BT Mail automatically. When we've moved you to BT Mail, you'll be able to get synchronised email on all your devices and easily manage your email alongside all your other BT services in My BT.

To make sure you're ready for when we move your email, check a few things now using this step by step guide.

Tell us how you use your BT Yahoo email

Do you have a BT Yahoo email address? (These end in @btinternet.com, @btopenworld.com or @talk21.com)
If you don't have a BT Yahoo email address, you don't need to do anything. You can close this page.

How do you check your BT Yahoo email? Select all that apply and click continue.

I check my BT Yahoo email on a smartphone, a tablet or an email programme such as Outlook.
I check my BT Yahoo email on a web browser by logging into BT.com or Yahoo.com

BT Yahoo Email

Tell us which Yahoo services you use

Which Yahoo services do you log in to using your BT Yahoo email address? Select all that apply and click continue.

I don't log in to any of these Yahoo services using my BT Yahoo email address


Based on the answers you've given us, we've put together this step by step guide which will help you understand exactly what you need to do before we move your email to BT Mail.

We recommend that you add this page to your favourites/bookmarks so you can come back at any time. Or alternatively, you can print off this personalised check list to remind you what you need to do.

BT Email


Using BT email on a smartphone, tablet or email program

BT Mail is designed to work seamlessly across different mobile devices and email programs. To make sure you are set up to receive your emails when we move you to BT Mail, there are some steps you need to take to make sure your email settings are ready for the new service.

Web browser

We've noticed that you are using Internet Explorer 7 to view this page. BT Mail does not support Internet Explorer 7. To ensure you get the most from your new BT Mail service, you can update your browser.

Email on a web browser


Email features and settings

We will transfer your emails, contacts and calendar events automatically into your new BT Mail inbox. However, we're unable to transfer mail filter rules (including your blocked sender list), notes on Yahoo Notepad, Calendar shared settings or Contacts imported from Facebook. If you use these, you'll need to make a note of them to save or set them up again in BT Mail.

Disposable email addresses

Sorry, we aren't able to move any disposable email addresses which you may have created in BT Yahoo email across to BT Mail. You might want to make a note of your disposable email addresses, or let people know that your email address is changing. You will be able to create new disposable email addresses in BT Mail.

Find out more

BT Yahoo Services

To continue using the Yahoo services that you've told us you currently log into with your BT Yahoo email address, you need to have a Yahoo ID ready to ensure that you can complete the step by step instructions below.

You can either create a new Yahoo ID now or use a Yahoo ID that you already have.

Create a Yahoo ID

Once you have completed these actions, you'll be ready for the upcoming move to BT Mail

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