We take an exclusive look behind the scenes at the BT Tower

BT.com was given exclusive access to the BT Tower. Watch our film to discover more about the past and present of this iconic building.

The BT Tower is one of the most famous buildings in the UK. Standing 189 metres high, its glass cylindrical shape is instantly recognisable and is integral to the London skyline. 

To find out more about the iconic building, BT.com was given exclusive access to the BT Tower, including places usually inaccessible to the public. Watch the video below to take a look inside….

As well as being one of the capital’s distinctive landmarks, the BT Tower also plays an important role in modern communications. A staggering 95% of the UK’s TV content touches it in some way and it’s integral to Premier League football broadcasts.

Originally called the Post Office Tower, the BT Tower was opened in 1965 by Harold Wilson and was the tallest building in London until 1980. It was built to carry aerials that handled television channels and telephone conversations, and boasted a revolving restaurant and cocktail bar - the ‘Top of the Tower’ – which was open to the public.

Sited in London’s Fitzrovia, due to the important role it plays in UK communications the BT Tower was actually classified as an official secret until 1993, when MP Kate Hoey used parliamentary privilege to reveal its location.

We’ve created a series of videos called ‘Secrets of the BT Tower’, showcasing in more detail some of the different areas of the Tower and its role in broadcasting television and BT Sport, which you can check out below.

For more information download the BT Tower factsheet created by BT Archives

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