If your desk is a mess of cables, or if they’re always sliding away from your grasp, there are affordable accessories that can help.

If you want better sound or to protect your expensive gear from power surges we’ve got you covered. Or if you want to stand and work without spending a fortune on a standing desk, look no further.

Here are 17 computing accessories guaranteed to make your life easier:


Cygnett 5 Port USB Charger

Cygnett 5 Port USB charger

Price: £29.99

Website: Amazon

Whether it’s Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, portable battery packs, voice recorders or whatever, there’s one constant; they all require USB charging.

This compact, circular hub from Cygnett offers five ports from a single power outlet and negates the need for constantly swapping out devices or clogging up your limited wall sockets.


BookArc for MacBook

Bookarc for Macbook

Price: £42.99

Website: Amazon

With BookArc from Twelve South there’s no need to own a laptop and a desktop Mac.

The vertical dock allows you to stow your MacBook safely while connecting to an external monitor, full-size Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

The theory is that working on a larger screen will increase your focus and productivity.



Stand Stand

Price: £57

Website: StandStand

The benefits of spending more time standing than sitting at your desk have been well documented. However, standing desks can be super expensive.

You can convert your existing set-up with a product like StandStand.

It’s lightweight, foldable and designed to be taken anywhere, so you can convert any table into a standing desk. A range of options are available depending on your needs.

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Price: £150

Website: Kickstarter

A recent hit on Kickstarter, Wynd is a personal air purifier. The size of a water bottle, it’s designed to travel with you, whether at your desk or working at a local coffee shop.

It is designed to create a bubble of clean air around the user, filtering harmful particles and allergens out of the air.

Those suffering from hay fever will tell you how pollen affects their productivity and we imagine they’ll be among the folks snapping up Wynd when it hits the market in late 2016.


Kanex MultiSync Keyboard for Mac

Kanex Multi Sync Keyboard for Mac

Price: £99

Website: Amazon

Now decked out in an aluminium casing, the Kanex MultiSync is an Apple enthusiast’s dream keyboard. Once paired, all it takes is the touch of a button to switch between four Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones and iPads.

Handy, for example, if a text comes in on your phone, while using your Mac.


BlueLounge Soba

Blue Lounge Soba

Price: Price: £22

Website: Amazon

Another cable tidier, this one acting as a sheath, bunching cables together into one thick tube that won’t get tangled with anything.

A tidier workspace is guaranteed to boost your productivity.


UE Boom 2

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Price: £129.99

Website: Currys

If you’re tired of the tinny sound emerging from your laptop or desktop speakers, but don’t want a solution that’ll take up half your desk space, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 wireless speaker might be the answer.

You can stream audio via Bluetooth, meaning it’s easy to send tunes from multiple sources (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). It’s been recently updated with voice integration so you can use voice services like Google Now.

Available in a range of colors, it’s waterproof to 1m and has a 15-hour battery, so you can take it outside and listen to music or the radio in the garden.


Belkin USB Charging 8-outlet Surge Protection Strip

Belkin USB Charging 8 outlet surge protection strip

Price: £34.99

Website: Belkin

Protecting the myriad gadgets plugged in under your desk with a good surge protector is a must. This one, from Belkin, even has two handy USB ports built in for charging mobile gadgets.

There’s also a warranty that covers you for £60,000 worth of kit.


Luxafor USB light

Luxafor USB light

Price: £22 (plus shipping)

Website: Luxafor.com

It can be tough to focus in open offices with people continually approaching your desk. This simple LED light will inform colleagues whether you’re in the zone (red) or approachable (green).

It sure beats whacking on the biggest headphones you can find and pretending you can’t hear.


BlueLounge CableDrop holder

BlueLounge CableDrop holder

Price: £9.99

Website: Amazon

If we could take back the amount of time we spend foraging for cables that have fallen off the desk, our productivity would be at record highs.

This simple solution keeps your charging cables, power adapters, headphones, pens and anything else that’s likely to roll away, just where you need it


Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard

Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard


Price: £50.39

Website: Amazon

This is a very clever keyboard. It syncs to your mobile phone and tablet via Bluetooth so you can use it to type on mobile devices as well as on your computer.

Working on a document and want to reply to a text message? Just select your phone at the touch of a button and type away. It’s available for Windows and Apple devices.


Bluelounge CableBin

Bluelounge CableBin

Price: £58.29

Website: Amazon

Don’t let cables take over your room - show them the bin instead! This sleek cylindrical bin has adhesive components on the sides, so you can attach hubs to them and let the cables drop down the middle, keeping them out of the way.


Just Mobile AluDisc

Just Mobile AluDisc

Price: £56.99


Website: Amazon

Want to show someone what’s on your screen? Place your computer on this platter, and it’ll let you turn it with ease, gliding through 360 degrees.

It’s made of high-quality aluminium and hard-wearing ABS plastic, and floats on internal ball bearings. It also gives you access to your computer’s ports without having to scrabble around the back of the machine.


Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

Price: £25.98


Website: BT Shop

Fed up of using a mouse? This keyboard has its own laptop-style trackpad, so you can work without needing any extra desk space. You can swipe, pinch, drag and click literally without lifting a finger.

Custom hot keys also give you one-press access to your favourite websites, films and other media.


USB Mug Warmer

USB Mug Warmer


Price: £5.95

Website: Prezzybox

On a cold winter’s day, this is an essential piece of kit. It uses the power from your computer to keep your beverage of choice warm, whether it’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate. So no matter how busy you are, you won’t have to worry about sipping tepid tea.


USB iShaver

USB iShaver

Price: £14.95

Website: Prezzybox

If you’re pushed for time in the morning or someone’s hogging the bathroom, this is a godsend. Plug it into your computer’s USB socket and you can shave away happily at your desk, so no one needs to know you slept in.

Just make sure you tidy up after yourself.


Logitech Pro C920

Logitech Pro C920


Price: £80

Website: Dabs.com

This webcam has Carl Zeiss optics, which are used in some of the best cameras around, and lets you upload your videos to Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

Just make sure you get permission before sharing a video call with the world.

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