A mouse is an essential part of your computer, so it’s only right that it works exactly how you want it to.

The speed that the cursor moves on your screen is usually enough for most people, but we’re all different, and thankfully Microsoft allows users to adjust their mouse’s settings to their needs.

And have you ever asked yourself, ‘Where’s the pointer gone?’ – Microsoft also has something to help with that too.

We show you some of the best adjustment options from a Windows 7 computer and explain how to do them. The settings don't differ that much on Windows 10 either if you happen to use a newer machine.

Getting to the mouse settings

The easiest way to get to the mouse settings is simply searching ‘mouse’ in the Start Menu search.

Tip 1: How to change the speed of your mouse

Click the Pointer Options tab.

Under the first option Motion you’ll see a slider. Move the pointer towards the left to slow it down or to the right to make it go faster. Try it out a bit to find the best speed and adjust it again as necessary.

Computer mouse tips

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Tip 2: How to improve your mouse’s visibility

At the bottom of the Pointer Options page, there’s a great little feature that helps you find the pointer when you can’t see it.

This is marked ‘Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key’. So whenever you click the CTRL key, the pointer will flash. To activate this feature, tick the box.

Computer mouse tips

Tip 3: How to see the pointer better

If you’re struggling to see the pointer, you can enable a trail which increases its visibility whenever the pointer is moving.

On the Pointer Options page under Visibility, tick ‘Display pointer trails’ and adjust the length of the trail to suit your needs.

Computer mouse tips

Tip 4: How to swap the buttons around

Your mouse has two buttons, with the left acting as the most important. If you’d rather it was the other way round, you can swap it around by clicking on the Buttons tab.

From here, tick the box marked ‘switch primary and secondary buttons’. (Remember, if you want to change it back, use the right button to tick the box!)

Computer mouse tips

Tip 5: How to adjust the speed of your mouse’s wheel

If your mouse’s wheel is scrolling too fast or too slowly, you can adjust its speed as well.

Click on the Wheel tab and adjust the number of lines each scroll will move by entering a different number. The default number is three if you want to move it back.

Computer mouse tips

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Tip 6: Get a new mouse

If you’re still having trouble with your mouse, you may need to buy a new one altogether.

Like everything, computer mice will start to break after several years but there is a wide choice for all sorts of budgets and needs.

Best for comfort

Logitech M280 Wireless Mouse

This Logitech mouse is specially shaped to be comfortable in your hand and features curved grips made from soft rubber. It’s also wireless. John Lewis (£24.95)

Best for price

HP X1000 Mouse

This particular mouse is pretty simple but does the job, costing little more than a fiver. Amazon (£5.99)

Best for ease

Logitech USB Marble Mouse

The Logitech USB Marble Mouse features a trackball which makes it easier to use than normal computer mice, as it requires less arm movement. Amazon (£24.99)

Best for gaming

GranVela T90 Professional 9200 DPI

If you use your PC for a lot of gaming, this particular mouse will suit you – plus the price is reasonable compared to many gaming mice. Amazon (£14.99)

Best for style

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse

This mouse by Microsoft has a slick flat design and is also Bluetooth connected. Amazon (£20.99)

Do you know any other ways to get the best out of your computer mouse? Let us know in the Comments section below. 

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