Love online gaming? Tips and tricks for the best broadband performance

Your broadband can make the difference between gaming glory and Fortnite or FIFA failure. Read our guide to getting the best connection.

There are a staggering 32.4 million gamers in the UK – that’s nearly half the population.

But whether you or your family are playing Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fortnite, fast, reliable broadband is crucial for online gaming. If you encounter stutter and lag, it’s incredibly frustrating. Check out our tips get the best broadband performance for your gaming needs.

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1. Boost your broadband speed

Speed isn’t the only important factor when choosing broadband for gaming, but it does have clear advantages. Faster broadband means you have less time to wait when downloading games, and superfast speeds mean you can also enjoy continuous gaming action - our Superfast Fibre 2 has an average speed of 67mbps.*

Your home broadband connection is shared with other users, so if you are playing Xbox Live and someone else is streaming a TV show on Netflix, your gaming performance can slow down. Faster broadband speeds means you and your family can do what they want at the same time and it shouldn’t affect your gaming.

2. Every second counts: Look for low latency

Latency is the delay between you activating a command – such as pressing the trigger – and your command being executed. For online gaming lower latency is better - in a fast-paced shooter like Call of Duty it can be the difference between making a kill or being killed.

Opt for broadband with low latency: our superfast broadband has less lag time with 30% better latency than Virgin Media 200Mbps broadband. **

Fifa 2019 - Credit: Gamespress

3. Go unlimited and download what you want

If you want to try a new game, you don’t have to buy a physical disc any more. With services like Xbox Game Pass you pay a subscription and download as many games as you want. However, games can have large file sizes - Sunset Overdrive is a whopping 26GB, while Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Microsoft Store is 88GB.If you aren’t careful you could go over your monthly usage allowance and incur extra charges.

If you plan on downloading and playing as many games as you want, opt for a broadband package with unlimited data.

4. Sharing your game? Go for faster upload speeds

If you use a program like Twitch, which lets you stream your own gameplay for other people to watch, you’ll need fast upload speeds. Superfast Fibre Unlimited has speeds twice as fast as Virgin Media 50, with average upload speeds of 9Mb.***

5. Get the best wi-fi performance

While wired solution gives you the most stable connection it relies on a cable running from your hub to you console. Wi-Fi gives you the flexibility to play games all around the house but a patchy wi-fi connection can can make a real difference to your enjoyment of the game – no-one wants a live Fortnite stream to be interrupted as you are getting close to a Battle Royale.

The position of your router can affect the strength of your wi-fi signal, so try and pick the best location possible, using the following rules as a guide:

1. Walls can reduce wi-fi signal strength, so put your router in a central location within your house.
2. Don’t put your router in a cupboard.
3. Move your hub away from the window, or some of the signal will go outside.
4. Avoid putting your router near your television, as metal objects can reflect and scatter the signal.
5. Fish tanks can absorb signal, so keep your hub away from them.

If you suffer from wi-fi blackspots, our new Complete Wi-Fi can help. Available with BT Plus, it uses disc-shaped wi-fi extenders, which work with the Smart Hub 2 to boost your wi-fi signal and create a single, seamless network. We are the only broadband provider to guarantee a strong signal in every room.

6. Upgrade your kit

If you’ve got an older router, it might be worth upgrading. Our Smart Hub is the UK’s most powerful wi-fi hub so you’ll enjoy a fast wi-fi signal that goes further around the home.

If you have Complete Wi-Fi or Ultrafast Plus you’ll get our next generation Smart Hub. It’s our smartest hub yet and is future-proofed to deliver fast speeds throughout the home.

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*Average speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm).  Speed depends on line, location and time of day. Check your speed at ** p52 *** p42 
Complete Wi-Fi guarantee: We’ll send you up-to two more discs to ensure a strong signal in every room of your home. If you still can’t get a strong signal we’ll give you a one-off credit of £20 off your next BT bill. Guarantee only applies when your Smart Hub2 is connected to the internet and does not cover broadband faults. For full terms see 
6 month gaming pass: Offer ends 6 Jan 2019. Available to new BT Superfast Fibre, Superfast Fibre 2 or Ultrafast customers.

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